Monday, December 7, 2009

It's been quite a while since I've had the opportunity to post a new blog. I'm still at the Regents, now teaching piano, woodwind and vocal. I'm teaching my woodwind students with my iBegin® and finding small mistakes which I'm rectifying. I've never been able to "test drive" iBegin® before, so this has been quite useful in improving it, as I've noticed many things which could be improved. The children love it, and, I discovered, so do their parents, as more than a few have borrowed their children's instruments and are learning with iBegin®.

I've also digitised more scores: "Im Krapfenvaldl" - J Strauss II, and Concerto for 2 Flutes FVI nº2 - Vivaldi, as well as doing more arrangements. I also found all my J Strauss scores and parts, which I mislaid after my move to Jomtien two years ago, so I shall be able to digitise those and use them both for Regents and iBegin® users. Next will come Mozart's Symphony nº29.

My new lens in my right eye is working really well. I can now see to read music again and driving at night is much improved. Driving at night had become far too "interesting" and I was on the point of giving it up. Not being able to read music was a real pest, so I forked out and had it done - very glad I did - my eternal thanks go to Dr. Daranee at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.

I also gave up combustible cigarettes and have used an electronic cigarette for a month. My blood pressure has dropped dramatically, my teeth are whiter, my sense of taste and smell have returned. I'm just hoping that I didn't leave it too late to change and that the damage I've been inflicting on myself for years can be reversed. I've also returned to my exercise routine, but I still have to force myself to exercise. Having done a little research, I discovered that the deleterious effects of cigarettes were known in the 1920s, which surprised me as it took another 50 years or so for the anti-smoking movement to get going.